Monday, July 02, 2007

As regular as the tides

are the plaintive cries of the family: "He was a GOOD boy, they didn't have to kill him! Why aren't THEY in jail?" In this case noted by Munchkin Wrangler specifically,
But Gadson's grandmother, Rosa Jones, said: "He ain't no hero. He is a murderer and God will serve justice."

She and her husband, Ivory Jones, pastor of a Fort Lauderdale church, sat on their front porch in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday wondering how a man could shoot two people and not go to jail.

Uh, because your grandson was committing armed robbery? Because the man thought your angelic offspring was about to murder him? This may be a new concept to you, but... Oh, never mind. Not a chance of them reading this and I'm tired of this crap. Nobody shot and/or killed while committing rape/robbery/attempted murder/kidnapping ever actually did anything bad, they never were any real threat to anyone, and that person who killed them ought to be in jail! Regular at the tides, only with no useful purpose.

Have a friend who's a teacher. He's bloody sick to death of, when some little monster is sent to the office for causing problems, the first reaction of the parent who shows up is to bitch at him for daring to do anything to/about their little darling. No matter what the kid did, no matter how many times they've been told about problems. It never seems to occur to them, or they don't care, that if they keep defending the little bastard when they do this crap they're setting them up for bigger trouble down the line; oh no, their little angel never does anything wrong...

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