Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Independance Day

has consisted of reading the Declaration and going to the range. No fireworks for me, have to work tonight. God, I used to go through enough flash powder in various configurations to fuel a infantry skirmish in muzzleloader days.

A little load testing, otherwise just enjoying a day at the range. 'Course, since it just stopped monsooning a couple of days ago and the clouds cleared off shortly before I got there that meant 'bright sun shining into an area that magically avoids all but gale-strength winds and has humidity equal to Louisiana in the bayou'. I had a butterfly sitting on my hat for about five minutes, right at the band, drinking sweat. I actually took my hat off to see if the shadow was what I thought it was and the little bugger just sat there, looking at me and waving his wings.

So let's count up the points for the day:
Reading that document and considering what it means,
Day at the range, with a number of people all making noise and punching holes in targets,
Driving there in my Goreacle-defying pickup(which I may start referring to as the Carbon-Producing Transport System),
And stopping at Sonic for lunch to ingest a double-cheeseburger for which a cow had to assume ambient temperature.

Good day.

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