Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tony Blair

announced he's leaving office in June.

I've done some thinking about him the past while, with it being a given he'd be out of office soon. My original opinion was that I gave him full credit for seeing that the islamists are the enemy, and for getting it through Parliament to get troops into action in Afghanistan and Iraq; but that in every other way, he was the kind of nanny-state politician I despised.

I do still give him credit for the first, but my respect for him on the matter has dwindled. When you have troops being sent into combat who have to borrow ammo from allies because they were sent to the front areas without a basic load; when, in the middle of a war for survival, you cut the number of ships in your navy and cut the number of troops in your military forces; when you can't even provide wards for the treatment of wounded where they don't have to worry about being abused by relatives/friends of the enemy, you have failed to honor the threat that you stood up to speak of. And you've failed the people you sent to do the fighting.

It's been kind of amazing to watch this man both insist that the war was absolutely necessary at the same time he and his party was trashing the British military. 'Mind-boggling' as Peter Plunkett would say. And his "abolition of Britain’s liberty" at the same time he was working to trash the idea of being British while simultaneously giving special consideration to people who, bluntly, were the enemy of Britain(while bloody LIVING THERE, yet)...

Remember the Brit cop who was murdered in a raid on a house of suspected terrorists? Sent in with no arms, no armor and apparently orders not to be too mean and nasty, he was stabbed to death. Officers ordered not to launch raids during prayer times or to search where the people being raided objected to so as to not be seen as 'racist' and/or 'insensitive'. Absolute idiocy that cost lives and has allowed the enemy to make serious inroads into Britain, cheered along every step of the way by the upper levels of Blair's government.

But if you're a Subject of the Crown who uses too much force in protecting yourself from an attacker; if you own a firearm that's disapproved of, or more ammo than is approved of; if you say something 'upsetting' to people carrying signs calling for your death, you WILL by God go to jail.

And I cannot agree with Cella that "he disarmed Socialism in Great Britain"; indeed, he worked hard to advance it, a nanny state with cameras everywhere and personal freedom trashed.

Yeah, he did stand with us, and I do appreciate it. I wonder how it would have worked if he'd been more worried about defeating the enemy he recognized than in being friendly with the enemy inside his own house, though.

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