Saturday, May 12, 2007

These bastards really don't care about the Constitution at all, do they?

I speak of the assclowns like LA State Rep. Cedric Richmond(Dumbass-New Orleans*). Aside from the usual 'restrict-license-ban' crap, it includes "and allow the State Police to inspect private homes for compliance".

There's another bill somewhere(I want to say VA, but don't have time to look it up right now) plus some federal crap that's been proposed over time that includes the same: basically, "If we allow you to own these evil objects, our minions can search your home/car/business at any time, and we don't have to worry about a warrant". Fancy way of saying "Screw the Fourth and Fifty; we don't care".

It's pretty consistent, they just don't care about the Constitution if it gets in the way of their desires. Screw 'em.

*as if you couldn't figure both parts out

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