Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sondra, if you sent this down this way,

first, some rain is indeed appreciated. But ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, dammit! Swing some of it into California before that spreads and runs the weenies to surrounding states to mess things up. Send some of it to Florida to knock down the fires there. But stop sending it here!

Yesterday, before I crawled into bed(at four friggin' pm, did I mention my schedule was FUBAR?) I checked the rain gauge: an even five inches in the previous 48 hours. That's not counting the few inches in the few days before that. And now it's bloody raining again. Not just a little sprinkle, oh no, it's raining. Again.

If you didn't send your lousy Oregon/Washington weather down here, then I apologize. But if you did...

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