Saturday, May 12, 2007

One more treacherous politician to keep an eye on

Heard the other day that when the vote in the House came up, Rep. Dan Boren(D-2nd District) voted with Pelosi & Co. to fund the war for three months.

Rep. Boren, I doubt you'll see this, but just in case you do:
Whatever Pelosi & Co. offered you, I hope in the long run it's worth it to you. To sell the troops out like that for an attempt at political gain.

And you better believe this won't be forgotten. I don't live in your district, so I don't have any blame for you sitting in that office; that also means I can't vote against you got get you out of it. But I can make damn sure to bring this up every time you open your mouth about the subject of the war, and do my part to see you can't dodge having done this.

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