Friday, January 19, 2007

More readiness followup

I've thought about a generator, but haven't gotten one for the simple reason I might need it for a day or two every three years. Maybe. So I haven't made that investment. If I do, I'll pour a slab and build a small shed for it in back, and have it wired into a switch. Which'll mean an electrician because that's a type of wiring I'm not comfortable with trying.

Gerry suggested one of the made-for-indoors kerosene heaters, which wouldn't be a bad idea. I think the gas heater would be ok, but for a situation where gas service goes out this'd take care of it.

For light and heat, he also mentioned something I hadn't thought of in years: the Aladdin lamp. My folks have one like this one that came from Dad's parents. They put out a lot of light, and a fair amount of heat, and will burn for hours on one fill. They work kind of like a propane lantern, in that the burning fuel heats the mantle and it glows. Hell, I'd like to have one of these of my own just to use sometimes.

As people pointed out, when storing water do not use milk jugs, it's almost impossible to clean them thoroughly enough.

At least one 100+ lb dog. Dogs have a normal body temp of over 104F, sleep quietly, and don't need chocolates. They get more excited to see you the later you get home, and like you just as much whether you're drunk or sober.
I have two dogs, neither near this size and they prefer it outdoors. Though they don't care if I'm drunk. And Security Staff(junior) seems to have a taste for scotch.

He didn't have good luck with a crank radio, does anyone know of one with a record of actually working the way it should?

I do have a 5-gallon can of gas treated with Sta-Bil set aside(I used to have two, but one sprung a leak, need to either replace or find something that actually works to seal it and doesn't cost as much as a new can).

Something that struck me as I was looking through a knife & accessories catalog, just for general use: something to sharpen knives. I think it might be a good indication if someone has made any preparations for problems- or has any skills for such- if they have(or have not) sharp knives and the skills/tools to keep them that way. How many people have you known who had 'the sharp knife' in the kitchen? You know, the only one that'll cut anything harder than peanut butter? Until it gets dull, and they either buy a new one or pay someone to sharpen it. If you told them they could touch up the edge on the bottom ring of a plate they'd think you'd gone over the edge, and if you handed them a steel or stone...

More thoughts to come. After the Curse* gets through with us.

*The Curse Of du Toit

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