Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Curse™ is foiled!

Did I say 'inexact' science?

By damn, I did. And so was The Curse foiled, and the weather weenies shown to be such. Details follow:

Last night it was said that it would start with a bit of rain, then change to snow with probably an inch or two here by morning. Then there would be periods of moderate to light snow throughout the day and into the night, possibly as much as eight inches throughout central OK. Thus was the Snowpocalypse of the Curse predicted to strike.

I go to bed expecting to have another nasty drive to work. I wake up to a little light rain: a few bits of ice on the porch rail and nothing more. I get to work and check the latest 'forecast': they're looking a little tight around the eyes as they push the time of the snow arriving back a few more hours yet and revise the expected totals down.

By the time I get off work it's still about 32F, it's still raining lightly with a bit of sleet mixed in. About an hour or so later it flurried snow- lightly- for a bit, and now it's stopped completely. And it ain't starting again.

And thus was the Curse foiled, and the weather weenies made to look like idiots. Again.

I this case, I'm glad they were wrong(again) as I was not looking forward to getting home tonight and to work tomorrow through multiple inches of white stuff again, but it's a bit upsetting to have everyone from the National Weather Service to the local tv meteorologists blow it this big twice in less than two weeks: the first time on where and how much of the frozen stuff(we got very little freezing rain instead of 1-2", east of here got 1-2" instead of the 1/2" or so forecast) would fall; the second time on the snow. I haven't dug for details but I don't think anywhere in the state got all the snow predicted.

Which brings me to my next item: idiot meteorologists who can't predict the next days' snowfall, but think they can predict what the whole bloody climate will be in fifty to one-hundred years time. Tim Blair has this roundup of one of the latest pieces of bullshit from one of these. I'm sure you've heard about it, the Weather Channel idiot who wants the AMS to yank the Seal of Approval from any meteorologist who doesn't toe the pc-acceptable concensus-'science' view on globular warmering. She got called on this 'burn the heretics' bullshit and proceeded to claim
"The point of my post was never to stifle discussion. It was to raise it to a level that doesn’t confuse science and politics. Which is flatass false: you don't threaten to ruin someone's career and take away their livelihood in order to 'raise the level of discussion', and her desire dropped a big political anvil on the foot of anyone who disagrees with her. Or that was what she planned, but in true Wile E. Coyote(Super Genius) fashion it landed on her own head.

Now if it had just been a real anvil...

Additional: let us not forget this crap noted at It Comes in Pints?:
Scott Pelley, CBS News 60 Minutes correspondent, compared skeptics of global warming to "Holocaust deniers" and former Vice President turned foreign lobbyist Al Gore has repeatedly referred to skeptics as "global warming deniers."
In addition, Cullen's December 17, 2006 episode of "The Climate Code" TV show, featured a columnist who openly called for Nuremberg-style Trials for climate skeptics. Cullen featured Grist Magazine's Dave Roberts as an eco-expert opining on energy issues, with no mention of his public call to institute what amounts to the death penalty for scientists who express skepticism about global warming.

Go check it out, links and all. With Senator Reid wanting to basically put yellow stars on bloggers who dare to criticize politicians and these clowns wanting to put me on trial, maybe I should invest in more ammo...

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