Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The street crews actually did accomplish something

Major streets were- mostly - pretty good, and sometime today they finally put a blade down the street by my house. I'm not just picky about that because of my location, this street gets a lot of traffic. It's still sheet ice out there, but not the deep sleet on top that it was when I went to work this morning.

And apparently enough people screamed about having a foot or two of ice piled up in front of their driveway that after the did a section they went back and cleared- mostly- the driveway entrances. Much better than in the past.

The various electric companies are working their butts off getting power back on in the areas with damage; I think they said earlier there's only about half as many without today as yesterday at this time.

As to the wonders of weather forecasting, last night it was supposed to be 8-10 degrees here under the clear skies I mentioned: instead it clouded up some and was 15-18. So now they're saying 8-10 tonight. We'll see.

Now if you'll excuse me, after more breaking/digging/clearing today I need to give my hands a rest. And the rest of me.

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