Monday, December 18, 2006

Would you give the local PD your serial numbers?

Just to keep on file? I've gotta say, Hell NO! Not on my car, not on my firearm, not on my pc or my stereo.

I've got a list of all that tucked away in a safe place, and if needed I can get them. But to just turn said list over to the PD? I'm not happy that to get a C&R license you have to send a copy of the app to the chief's office, so why would I give them this information?

Also, found this article on the good news from Ohio. I just love this part:
"It's really arrogant for them to just ignore the will of the people," said Toby Hoover, executive director of one of Ohio’s anti-gun organizations. "It shows they just don't have any respect for us at all. We're terribly disappointed. It's a pretty determined bunch of people in favor of the gun lobby."
A: yeah, we're determined. And B: Whether you like it or not, this WAS the will of the people: House Bill 347 originally passed a Senate committee, the Senate floor, and the House floor with overwhelming numbers on the same afternoon! It then survived a veto override that is very hard to achieve. Heck… it hasn’t been done since 1977. How was all of this possible? The people wanted it.

courtesy of Keyboard and a .45

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