Thursday, December 21, 2006

I know people with legal qualifications have/will write about this,

I just have two simple questions: why isn't that sorry little bastard Sandy Berger not in prison, and how the hell did the judge manage to justify not putting him there?

And by the way, the people working at the Archives shouldn't give a rats ass about who it is or being 'uncertain' about things; when they've got classified documents missing after someone handled them, or see 'suspicious' activity while someone is looking at them, the idiots are supposed to report it, not dither around because "One employee "did not believe there was enough information to confront someone of Mr. Berger's stature" and delayed acting as a result... So why aren't these people either being fired or demoted or something for worrying more about this jerks 'stature' than about the security of the documents?

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