Friday, December 22, 2006

Ref the Duke 'rape' case,

the chickenshit little excuse for a D.A. has dropped the rape charges. However, he has kept a bunch of others.

I think one of Barber's commenters is right: he's hoping to use pressure from them to keep the actual victims of this mess from suing his ass off for all he now or ever will own. I hope their lawyers ram that right up his ass, and then push every way possible to have Nifong prosecuted for everything possible. And I hope the Justice Department racks his ass, too. This contemptible little canker on the ass of Madame Justice needs to be excised from the system. Permanently.

And I wonder if he's considered if this, along with the confession of his accomplice in hiding information from the defense, is going to cause some of his previous cases to be reviewed?

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