Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A protest about lawbreakers from the Mexican government

is like a roach bitching about sanitary conditions

Which observation was brought to mind by this post at Hogboy's place. I just love it: a country that will throw you in jail if they find a single fired .22 case in your vehicle and keep you there until you're bled dry, a country that openly shelters murderers and rapists who make it across the border, which bitches and whines that Mexicans should be able to cross our border at will and that we should all switch to speaking Spanish to make them feel at home, has fits because someone dared to arrest a multiple rapist who, because of now being in a U.S. prison, cannot keep paying off the local authorities and whatever Mexican national official was also getting his pocket filled to let him stay there.

The new President of Mexico wants to better his relationship with the U.S., he can start by arresting every dirtbag criminal who ran across the border to escape arrest and sending them back in chains.

Although in some cases we will accept seeing them stood against a wall and shot, just for the sake of saving money on the trial and appeals. Not to mention the entertainment value.

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