Monday, December 11, 2006

A piece from Britain,

courtesy of a gentleman who sent it to Kim. About lots of honest Subjects of the Crown saying to hell with it and buying or smuggling in guns for self-defense.

Owning a weapon is becoming a habit for rural homeowners who feel unprotected now that so many police stations have closed.

I have never seen a police car in my village and violent crime in the county, of course, is up. Baseball bats, swords, machetes, Mace and firearms are kept beneath the bed or close to hand by many people.

In a post the other day Uncle wrote "The right to self defense is considered in almost all societies as sacrosanct. How could any court rule in a way that would put citizens at the mercy of criminals that have no regard for the rule of law?" They answer is 'easily', as they've done it in country after country. And the results have generally been pretty plain to see. And this is one of the consequences: honest people who the government has essentially abandoned buying weapons illegally because, to borrow the old saying, "It is better to be judged by twelve than carried by six"(of course, in Tony Blair's Britain you don't even get twelve in many cases anymore, just one of the God-cursed judges who think they've taken Gods' place, but still).

It's going to be interesting over there one of these days, when the peasants tell Parliament to kiss their collective ass.

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