Sunday, December 10, 2006

Do some of the Global Warmeners have any freakin' idea

just how stupid they sound?

Or are?

Looked over at Tim Blair, and he notes this marvelous little piece from a down-under looney named George Monbiot. Basically, 'any sport that brings lots of fans in should be stopped to save the Earth', etc. Here's the line that really stands out to me:
To avert it, the latest figures suggest, we need a 90 per cent cut in carbon emissions from every economic sector in the rich world by 2030.

Think about that. Does this clown have any idea what would be required to cut 90-freaking-percent of carbon emissions?!? And the next question would be, just how many people is he willing to see die for it? Most of the world population, apparently. Obviously, he will see that HIS fat ass stays in a nice, comfortable lifestyle, but how many people is he willing to see starve/die of thirst/die of disease/die of exposure/etc. to take care of that troublesome 90% cut?

And please note that 'in the rich world' bit. No carbon cuts from China or India or Africa or any other protected species part of the world, oh no. 'Course, he may well classify India as a 'rich world' place because they're working with us and expanding their economy, etc., which probably removes them from protected species status.

And while I'm at Blair's site, let me point out this wonderful piece of crap on 'leave no environmental footprint' day:
On Friday December 8 at 8pm, turn off your house electricity. Switch off your gas hot water heater. Put your car keys away. Switch off your mobile and any other battery-powered devices, and unplug your landline phones. Don’t step foot into any powered site, shop, house or building. You can, however, use public transport, buy ice and use beeswax or soy candles, which aren’t made from petroleum.

If you’re working that weekend, see if your employer will join The Big Switch Off.

(Oh Lord, I thank thee for providing such a dumbass to laugh at)

Where to start, oh dear. If you're in a cold climate freeze your pipes, in any climate maybe ruin food in the fridge/freezer, and huddle in the dark. Becuase, you morons, public transport USES ENERGY! And it took energy to produce the bloody candles which give off pollutants when you BURN THEM! And it took energy to PRODUCE AND KEEP THE ICE! for your pure, Gaia-loving, putrid soul. And, as Amos said in the comments, "Your employer might not wish to join the big Switch Off, but they may wish to include you in the big ‘You’re Fired, Asshole’."

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