Saturday, December 16, 2006

People are really weird at times

in how they make distinctions between things. I have a lady neighbor who was pretty forthright on about any subject she had any interest in, including the opposite sex. But a mutual friend had some(I thought) very nice nude paintings in his house, and they offended her greatly; she thought they were obscene.

What brought this to mind was a print I have, which I rather like. I was looking at it- and reminding myself once again that I need to get a frame for it- and thought of Candy. It's the Tequila Fairy

by Alain Viesca(website here). My daughter got a piece of his a couple of years ago, and a while later I ran across him at a fair and bought a copy of this; one of my favorite things. It would probably have pissed Candy off if she'd ever seen it.

But I like it.

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