Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A single murder that points out two problems

I know I whack on the Brits a lot. Well, not a lot, but I do. Things like this are why.

A successful City lawyer was stabbed to death by two hooded robbers only yards from the flat he shared with his fiancee, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.

Tom ap Rhys Pryce, 31, was just eight months away from his wedding to Adele Eastman, 31, when Donnel Carty, 19, and Delano Brown, 18, attacked him after he refused to hand over his mobile phone and Oyster card, the jury was told.

A horrible crime committed for crap. Here's the two parts that really bother me here. First, remember all those CCTV cameras that are supposed to make people so much safer, etc.?
Two people living in the street told police they had seen two hooded black youths attacking Mr ap Rhys Pryce. Mr Horwell said that the killers, cousins who deny murder, were caught because of their "incompetence and naivety".

He said that only 17 minutes before they robbed and murdered Mr ap Rhys Pryce they were caught on closed circuit television robbing another man, Kurshid Ali, of cash and his mobile phone at Kensal Green Tube station.

Ok, most crooks get caught because they're not too damn smart, but here's the problem with the damn cameras: it doesn't do any good to have them recording crimes if nothing happens about it.

And the second: "Their motive was greed," said Mr Horwell, opening the case. "It was two against one. They were armed and he, of course, was not. It did not matter to them that this man worked hard for his position in life. He had a promising career in the legal profession. Emphasis mine.

OF COURSE he wasn't armed, he be in jail if he was caught with a cane and admitted he carried it for self-defense, let alone any other 'offensive weapon'(which includes a freakin' pepper shaker). And if he'd had some hand-to-hand skills and hurt the little bastards, this same Mr Horwell would be trying to put him in jail for it.

This is so disgusting. And so sad.

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