Thursday, November 02, 2006

I didn't know Micheal Dukakis was an official in Britain

Fury over killer freed to wipe out family
He had been out of prison for less than two years after serving half of a seven-year sentence for manslaughter for killing another girlfriend who had refused to leave her husband for him.

Seven year sentance for killing a woman, and out after half of that. Flat idiotic. And to make it even better? Mark Goldstraw, 31, was jailed for life yesterday for setting fire to the house in revenge after being jilted by his teenage girlfriend. Emphasis most emphatically mine.

And it just gets better:It also emerged that Goldstraw could have been back in custody before the murders because he was in breach of his licence by living with his mother rather than at the address given to the Probation Service.

Officials insisted that mistakes were not made in their handling of Goldstraw. Rob Mandley, Staffordshire's chief probation officer, said: "From the evidence we had, Goldstraw was complying with the licence requirements as far as we knew."

Translation: "Don't blame us, we had Evidence! he was complying. It was wrong, but it ain't our fault."

I've got one disagreement with this statement from a member of the family:Last night Mr Hine's brother, Robert, said: "I'm very angry that he should be allowed out of prison to do this to my brother and these children.

"There's no appropriate punishment. He's done it before. He shouldn't be let out at all. We don't ever want to see him again. No prison sentence will replace the lives that have been lost."
It's not that he shouldn't be let out at all; it's that the bastard should be hanged. Or shot. Or fried. Or some method of capital punishment. Not only does he deserve it, you know that if he stays in prison, in a few years you'll have some of the same idiot-level 'public servants' who let him out before trying to do it again.

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