Friday, November 03, 2006

Remember the 'cat meat' imam I wrote about?

First, Tim Blair notes this comment from the Australian Democrat national secretary:
I’m going for political suicide here but I’m willing to stand up with anybody else in this country who happens to agree with Sheik Hilali’s sentiments.

Not because of any emotional or religious point of view but from sheer logic. While men who want to assault women exist, there will be women who get assaulted. Unfortunately, how a woman dresses does affect her level of likeliness to be chosen. The subsequent reaction to this latest opportunity to get angry about something is the real lesson here.

Sounds very realistic in a way; fact is that wearing a skirt that flashes your crotch when you move will attract attention, including from males you don't want it from. However, A: most men have been raised with sufficient self-control to not consider it a license to assault and B: will generally do something if some jackass steps over the line(at least in civilized places). Using "You weren't dressed modestly" as an excuse/defense for someone being assaulted/raped is a large, steaming pile of what comes out of the south end of a northbound bull.

BUT, both those things require a society that gives a crap about the concept of women as human beings, that (shades of the old horrible days in the West!) they should have protection against attack. Those ideas seem to be entirely foreign to moslem thinking in some- maybe many- places:

On the first two days of Eid in Cairo, a mob of hundreds of men swept through downtown attacking and sexually assaulting random girls in an animalistic display that must boggle every mind. Apparently, the utter lack of basic decency, respect for women, or the rule of law was not confined to Ramadan alone - in fact, Ramadan was the only thing suppressing the baser instincts of these men. I feel sick at heart, and may never spend time downtown again, as it seems we women are actively in danger there. Will Cairo one day be like Mogadishu, where every woman is raped before she turns 16?

Go read that. Then go read this from the Sandmonkey about the happenings on a holy day in a holy month. Including :That The Police forces didn;t came from another planet, that they were born and raised egyptians, amongst the egyptian people, the same egyptian people who have produced those mobs who found it in their right to attack girls in middle of crowded downtown for 5 houres under the police's watchdul eyes. The ones who approached the police asking them to do something were told : "what do you want us to do? It's Eid. Happy Eid to you too!" The same response was given to women who went to the police stations to report the incidents. The police refused to do their jobs and take a report, because it would probably reflect badly on their downtown peers.

This crap happened to muslim women, many of whom were dressed in the modest manner the cat-meat sheik demands- though they didn't lock themselves in a room in their home, shame on them!- in the full light of day in the sight of the police, and the authorities did nothing. Only some men who worked at businesses did a damn thing, and bless them for having the balls to act.

The Sandmonkey also notes this:
A second Muslim cleric in Australia has stepped into a bitter dispute
over attitudes to women and rape, charging that anti-Islamic bias
ensured Muslim rapists got tougher sentences than other men.


Both clerics referred in their sermons to heavy sentences meted out to
a group of young Muslim men for a series of notorious gang rapes in
Sydney six years ago.

One of the men received a 55-year jail sentence, which was later reduced on appeal.

"They make a big fuss about these kids because one of them, his name is
Mohamed," Omran said in his sermon, according to a report in The
Australian daily Tuesday. "Even if you kill someone, you don't go for
60 years."

Well, Mr. Cleric, got news for you. I'm one of those people who think that actual rape should be handled on the same level as manslaughter and the bastard put away for a LONG time. For you to bitch that they got long sentences because of their religeon is another pile of cow droppings. They got long sentences because they committed gang rape and flatly said their victims weren't really human because they weren't moslem. That makes your little 'victims' among the vilest kind of criminals, and they can rot in the damn jail.

Yeah, yeah, I know, many moslems don't approve of this crap. The fact remains that many either quietly agree, or refuse to say anything about it, and governments in some countries don't want to be 'bothered' with it because, after all, it only happened to women.

No wonder so many of these places and people go along with the UN 'disarm the peasants' programs; if their intended victims were packing, it just might get messy for the bastards.
(added: for further on this last, see Tam's comment on the matter)

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