Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Something I've got to build one of these days

is a vampire hunting kit. No, I didn't just dream this up.

The first time I went to the big Tulsa gun show one of the first displays I stopped at was an antique dealer. All kinds of neat stuff, but right in the middle of the table was The Kit. Beautifully made case of walnut withsome light oak inlays on the top. Open the top and, neatly arranged, was
Bottle for Holy Water
Sprinkler bottle for the above
Nicely turned stakes
Crucifix(clipped to the lid)
Butcher knife for cutting out the heart and off the head
and a couple of other things I can't remember offhand. At the bottom was a drawer that pulled out to reveal
Double-barrel percussion pistol
Box of silver ball for the pistol
Silver-plated dagger
Small mirror
Small crucifix.

All items well made, with partitions to keep them separate and from rattling around. Spent a while talking to the guy. Said his buyers turn up one or two of these every year, almost all from Louisiana and usually in/around New Orleans.

My daughter would love this setup. Dad's got a bandsaw & table saw, I've got some other stuff, the pistol can be had in kit form and everything else can be made or bought. So I need to draw up some plans and work on this. Everyone should have one; who knows, the undead might rise with the damned zombies when the time comes. On that note, you should also read this at South Park Pundit. Two of the good bits:
-The woman/man/child with the bite mark on their arm is going to get a bullet in their head. Deal with it and move on.
-It is not OK to snipe zombies from the roof of our darkened hideout. There is a reason we’re being quiet, numbnuts.

Yeah, Halloween's almost over, but next year will come. Unless the zombies show up first.

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