Tuesday, October 10, 2006

By the way, the History Channel has idiots writing for it

Commie idiots.

At least just idiots. They had a little blurb on last night about the 'anniversary' of castro buttmonkey Che getting whacked. Did you know he believed 'only revolution would help the disparity between rich and poor'?(I'm going by memory here and it pissed me off; I don't swear to the exact words). And that he 'joined political movements in Africa and Latin America'? And was killed by a 'CIA-backed Bolivian operation that executed him'?

Not one goddam word about he murders he committed. Not one hint of the evil this man did. Oh, no, just nice words about wanting to help the poor with a backdrop of pictures of poor campesinos and Che doing good works.

Do these idiots actually give a crap about any of this? Are they ignorant of what they're writing about, or so bigoted they don't care?

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