Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thoughts on the Boiling Kettle

That being the title of a post Kim did a few days ago. Key excerpt:
I have it on reasonably good authority, from two independent sources, that there are huge amounts of WWII-era weaponry hidden in barns, buried underground and stuck behind house walls—and let me tell you, the “owners” are not part of the extreme Left, either.

I’ll bet you short odds that as the Muslim intifada grows, there are also a lot of quiet conversations going on around France, with many shrugs, incomplete sentences and nods of agreement.

That reminded me of something I read a few years back in one of the Matt Helm novels by Donald Hamilton. Took a bit to find the right book for the passage in The Terminators:
"Well, the ones who decided to stay, they went down into the cellars, back into the barns, up into the attics; and they found the oilskin-wrapped packages they'd hidden away all those years ago when the stupid government told the resistance people to turn in their arms like good little boys and girls- hell, they'd fought the invaders with hoes and pitchforks once; they'd learned their lesson the hard way. Government or no government, they weren't going to be caught unarmed again, not ever. So they unwrapped the potective oilskin or plastic, and they wiped off the preservative grease, and they loaded up the magazines and rammed them home, click. Then they took a hike up the road and said, here we are, Sigmund, where's you cottonpicking trouble?"

It might be amazing to know just how much stuff was hidden away over the years by people who'd fought the Germans and then the Soviets; stuff put away for the day it might be needed because they knew that, whatever the idiots in government said, when it came down to it it could well be them and a gun against the invaders again.

And I guarantee the conversations Kim refers to are taking place in a bunch of countries, and some of those people are, very quietly, taking things out and inspecting them, making sure they're ready, just in case. And every time a bunch of muslim fanatics riot and burn and kill, 'just in case' moves a little closer.

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