Thursday, August 17, 2006

The son has been heard from

About two weeks ago he sent a quick note to his mom with his mailing address, so sent him a letter. And day before yesterday the grandparents got a letter from him. All's well, they've been issued M16A2 rifles, and he noted the DI and basic overall is not as bad as he'd expected them to be.

Considering his usual communications unless it's about a motor vehicle he can hot up or you're sitting on him, this is not bad at all. In any case,
A. He's doing fine
B. Has a new boomstick(new to him at least)
C. Still no "There's been a problem" phone calls or reports of odd explosions from Fort Sill,
so things are well.

Now if I can get the little bugger to write me. I'll have to note in todays letter that he's hurting my tender feelings.

Like he'll believe that.

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