Friday, October 28, 2005

Just a thought before I go...

The word on the news is that Libby will be indicted, and the Grand Jury will be continued to keep looking at Rove.

I have a question: if you can be indicted for perjury now for remembering something you forgot before, or being reminded of a conversation you testified about and remembering something about it you'd forgotten(because it was, oh, two years before or something), if you can be charged with 'lying to a federal investigator' as Martha Stewart was- in an informal interview, not under oath, etc.- why would anyone say anything to an investigator or grand jury? If, because of some political connection with someone, you know that forgetting something about a conversation or forgetting talking to/about someone could get you charged with a crime, why say anything?

I can see someone being asked a question and taking the 5th Amendment: "Since anything I say, or forget to mention, or remember and add in later could get me charged with a crime, I plead the 5th and will not answer". And if the 5th protects you against self-incrimination, I would think that a perfectly proper use of the plea.

And if the prosecutors don't like it, maybe they should have considered that before.

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