Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I'm so glad I don't live in MA

mASS BACKWARDS has the current story on the dirtbags who forced their way into a house and murdered a 61-year old man and threatened to kill his wife.

Two quotes that really get me:
"The 61-year-old disabled retiree, who had emphysema and had suffered multiple heart attacks, was hit in the abdomen and died later at St. Luke's Hospital. It was New Bedford's second homicide this year.The trio's defense lawyers and their families said the shooting was in self-defense. They said that Murray lunged at Ramon Geliga with a knife." and

""I know they're innocent," said the Gilegas' mother, Darlene Sanchez. "He [Murray] went at them with a knife. What are you supposed to do? He was going to put it through him."

Let's see, you break into someone's home- armed- and claim you acted in self-defense when you murder the homeowner? Bullshit. You are a murderer, plain and simple. And your mother is an idiot for making such an argument. Oh, and your lawyers? They're scum of the proper type to associate with you.

In OK, if someone breaks into your house you can shoot them. Period. Too bad the People's Republic of MA doesn't think the peasants should be allowed the means and freedom to protect themselves, home and family.

Finally: " The two brothers sobbed in court as they were ordered held without bail by New Bedford District Court Judge Bernadette Sabra." Hey, genius, what the hell did you THINK was going to happen? You murdered someone, did you think that the judge would release you into momma's custody?(they might have thought so, this being in MA). And get used to being in confined spaces and ordered in every aspect of your life; you should be dealing with that for a long, long time.

A few years ago I saw one of the saddest things I can imagine. A kid had just been arraigned for murder. I say 'kid', I believe he was 14, but he had a life of crime behind him. Literally. Past arrests for assault, robbery, rape or attempted rape(can't remember which), and he'd always been put on probation and sent home. And now, finally he'd murdered a man during a robbery. Apparently he'd been expecting the usual; but this time, the judge said "No more, we're going to see if we can try you as an adult, and you're staying behind bars this time". He was being taken away, in cuffs, by two deputies, and he was screaming and crying and hanging in their hands, absolutely scared to death. Apparently for the first time, he was facing serious consequence for his acts, and he was terrified. In a case like this I do blame the local society for the situation: if he had been hammered after the first offense, been actually punished for it, it might have made an impression, made him think that doing things like this wasn't a good idea. But everyone was worried about his esteem, and punishment is such an old-fashioned idea, and we'll be nice and take care of you, and the end result of all that modern 'concern' was a man dead and this kid probably nothing more than a threat to others for the rest of his life.

By the way, note in the story that two of them went in, the third was a lookout. These little bastards planned this, which makes it premeditated, which means that in OK they'd be facing a needle in the arm. And fuck the Supreme Court weenies, these little monsters should be facing a death penalty.


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fuck you

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their innocent