Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Random thoughts

Ever used Rain-X? You put it on your windshield correctly, and it glazes the glass or something so rain just rolls off. Pretty good stuff. I just recoated all my truck windows and the mirrors.

My ex and kids have three ferrets. They're pretty neat creatures, although one of the little bastards bites everyone except my ex. Yes, the kids too. One of them has an absolute fit when anything gets moved in the living room. I mean ANYTHING; trash, furniture, if he liked it where it was you better not move it. A while back on a nice day they took the three-level cage outside and hosed it off. When I came by about an hour after they had it cleaned & dried & back in the house, he was still going. Running, jumping, bitching and chasing the cats.

Ferrets are cute, but I wouldn't have one myself. Besides having to have a room they can't get out of/not as easy as you might think/, they get into EVERYTHING. I mean it. Drawers, shelves, boxes, jackets, everything. Some of them learn to work zippers so they can get into bags and purses. My daughter once got halfway to school when she felt her backpack move. Look inside to find a weasel curled up snoozing. For a ferret, everything has to be explored, preferably repeatedly o. And if something is in reach and closed, THAT is a violation of the natural order of the universe, and cannot be tolerated. They'll work at it until either they get in or you move it out of their reach.

They also steal things and will demonstrate their unhappiness with something by crapping beside the litter box. Preferably while looking at you to make sure you see just how displeased they are.

Sondra K. got her camera, which is good. Downside of this is she's no longer selling her as- er, selling space on her ass. In her thong picture, I mean. Or does she actually paint/print the stuff on, or have someone do it? Sondra, sweetie, could I?... Never mind.

Steve is ticking off cigarette smokers. I have to disagree with him on one thing; every cigar I've ever smelled had the light aroma of burning rope. That had been laying in the yard. Where the dog does business. I have to admit I occasionally smoke a pipe, with a blend called 'IQ140' from a shop in Norman. I hate the smell of cigarettes, but some pipe tobacco smells pretty damn nice.

Kim has a link to a story about how Britain and Canada and Australia, after highly restricting/banning those nasty firearms, have all had continuing increases in violent crimes. Surprise, surprise. They're also places where everything else the MEEB's* consider 'dangerous' is restricted, including self-defense.

If you've never looked in on Curmudgeonly & Skeptical, you should. This link is generally work-safe; this one isn't.

It's March in Oklahoma, which means the weather goes from lows in the 30's & 40's and highs in the 60's & low 70's, back to 20's & 30's for lows & 40's for highs in the space of a couple of days. Whenever Ma Nature feels like it. So one day you can ride a bike around with a jacket and light gloves, and the next you may need a snowmobile suit go get around on two wheels.

More specific thoughts later.

*MEEB's: those who Mind Everybody Else's Business

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SrA Corey said...

Steve, I've been looking for a tobacco shop that sells that pipe tobacco you speak of "IQ140". Could you get back with me and let me know where in Norman you get this? Thanks