Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Some stuff I don't have time to read but don't want to lose

Looks like NOAA is playing the same games as a lot of other agencies

Another summer weekend in Chicago

Hm.  Decriminalize magic mushrooms, and more people abuse them.  Amazing.

"We want all the facts about your censorship operations."
"Fat chance!"

"Now it goes to the armorer.  And don't burn yourself on it."

"Oh yeah, LOTS of human sacrifices, children here, but don't judge!"

I agree with Kim: stop playing 'ban the thing' and punish the little bastards, that just might work.

And a palate cleanser from Wirecutter:


Wild, wild west said...

Back in the OLD ARMY, we was learnt to stop a runaway 'sheen gun by reaching up, grabbing the belt close to the receiver and giving it a brisk twist. The links will come apart and the pew-pew stops a lot quicker.

Anonymous said...

NOAA has been denying, hiding, burying or altering weather data for years if not decades in order to support the marxist weather alarmism...more money for them.
More taxes will not alter the weather.
Americans' CO2 is less than 0.03 (human) of 0.04 (petroleum) of 0.03 of the atmosphere. [I believe the numbers are in that order, plenty of reports coming out in congress]