Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Hell of a Monday...

(links added this way because Blogger is bloggered.  Again.)
Biden & Co. to Ukraine: "We don't want you to lose, but we don't want you to win, either."

Which sounds like what they're doing to Israel, just in a different way.

Huge increase in suicide risk after 'gender-affirming surgery'... Well, when you're taking usually mentally troubled kids who haven't been given real counseling and pushing them into this, what the hell did they think was going to happen?
I'd said before, I wondered how much of the high suicide rate among the group was because they started transitioning, realized this was NOT fixing their problems, and gave up; looks like it might be quite a bit.

A fine case of failure in the victim selection process

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Rick T said...

My guess is the post-surgical suicide rate goes way up when the victim realizes they have been buffaloed in to having irreversible changes made to their bodies and they don't feel any better.