Friday, May 24, 2024

Attention officers:

I can't say it better:
Being a cop is a tough job and I think vast majority try to do things the right way

But the Scheffler incident does show that we cant just always assume that whatever is in a police report is always correct

Not every person has good fortune of ESPN reporter in car behind them
Which is a fancy way of saying "Sometimes cops lie.  And that does not exactly help your relations with the community.  

And there seems to have been a number of cases lately, including feds, where they either don't turn their cameras on or don't bother to wear them.  Guess what that makes you look like?


Phelps said...

I work in civil litigation and the very occasional white-collar criminal case. I've only seen around a dozen cops testify in cases I worked on, total.

However, in every single case, the cop either lied on the stand or expressed a willingness to lie before they got on the stand. (I'm proud to say that the attorneys I work with ALWAYS say, "just tell the truth.") I have to assume that they express the willingness because prosecutors routinely take them up on the offer.

Every one.

B said...

THing is, the officer isn't gonna be charged with perjury or filing a false police report.

ALWAYS turn on you phone's camera when interacting with police. Always.

If they question you, m,ale sure you have your phone on. If hey don't ;ole it, then don't answer any questions.

Most cops are good, but they fail to clean up their ranks and so, since they all wear the same uniform, we never know if we have a good cop, and "Respec' Ma Atorteh!" type or a real bad cop.
If your expect bad, and act accprdinglyo you generally are safe,.