Sunday, February 11, 2024

It's one of those things where most people think "What the hell are you talking about?",

while a few people stir up noise.

I'm speaking of the 'upset' about a singer named Taylor Swift, who's currently seeing a football player, and she's supposedly some big political thing as well.*

This is reminding me of the supposed upset by conservatives when Occasional-Cortex let out that video of her dancing on a roof in college, and we were suddenly bombarded with "All those nasty conservatives are upset and saying bad things about her over this!", when pretty much everyone I knew and knew of said "What?  What video?  From college?  Who cares?"

Speaking of much ado about nothing...

*As a general rule, I don't care what- or who- some celebrity is doing unless they somehow mess with my life, and that includes this BS.


Gromit said...

She messes with your life by directly telling her audience that the Right is wrong and to vote for the fucktard

Sailorcurt said...

I don't know about the political aspect, but those of us who watch football are getting tired of the shows turning every KC game into the Taylor Swift show.

I couldn't care less about Taylor Swift and I get tired of the game callers talking about her constantly as if her presence at the game and relationship with one of the players has any bearing at all on the game.

Terrytheterrible said...

I go along with your general rule.

Dan said...

Swift is just another dancing monkey the left uses to accomplish things. A useful idiot.
A WILLING useful idiot but nothing more.

Anonymous said...

I caught snippets of the game while channel surfing. A couple times, there she was showing her O-face.
She reminded of of Hot Lips in the movie (not the series) MASH, during the football game where she's cheerleading while being completely clueless about what was going on.
I continued surfing until McClintock came on.

Anonymous said...

It's a distraction op, nothin more. She is the ultimate bubble headed bleach blonde.

Windy Wilson said...

She does seem to be able to sing songs, and possibly write them, too, so there's that. To hold her as a political commentator to listen to and follow and imitate makes as much sense as soggy bints in lakes handing out swords as a basis for selecting rulers.

Firehand said...

Gene Simmons, base player for Kiss and a big promoter, something like ten years ago was asked his opinion about some world political matter: "Why are you asking me? I'm a guitar player, what makes my opinion worth more than anyone else's?"

I wish more had that attitude.