Thursday, August 11, 2022

This is truly stupid-level racial bullcrap and mask idiocy

One such recent example came from a SUNY New Paltz Professor Jessica Nydia Pabón-Colón who is described on LinkedIn as an “interdisciplinary Latina feminist performance studies scholar.”

Pabón announced on Twitter that she will be enforcing mask mandates in her classroom, even though the school she teaches at no longer requires them, and is even “building mask wearing” into her syllabus:
.@newpaltz professor says she will require masks even though university policy is mask optional. She then accuses students who don’t want to mask of being racist and ableist...
— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) August 10, 2022
She also claims in the (potential) syllabus that “Refusing to mask indoors is a manifestation of ableism and racism, an exercise of individual privilege that tells the most vulnerable that their health does not matter.”
ANYTHING they don't like is racist.  And/or 'white supremacist'.  Just because.

Amazing what they'll come up with to try to control other people, isn't it?


p2 said...

SUNY. Those 4 letters are explanation enough for the idiocy.

pigpen51 said...

And no doubt her class will be one on the required list to graduate. I took my very first class, Eng. 101, at our local Community College. This was back in about 1983. The teacher was a very outspoken feminist, and a woke type of personality, even back then. She made sure that we knew it, of course.
I live in Michigan, and one of the first things she had to tell us was how she sailed alone (of course, who could stand to be alone with her) from Chicago to Mackinaw Bridge, the previous summer.
And of course, we had to buy 4 books for a stinking Eng. 101 class, and we only used 1. We had to read Rachael Carlson's Silent Spring, another feminist's ode to the earth and a condemnation to mankind.
I had to buy 4 books and only used 1. It was a 3 credit hour class, and I remember that a credit was 38$. I paid more for the books than I paid for the darn class. Of course, I could sell the books back to the college. For half price. One wonders how many times that same set of books were bought, taken home, and then returned, for a 50% profit, time and time again, without ever being read, save for one political meme.

Firehand said...

Daughter said one of her teachers in college told them at the start to buy the previous edition of the book, because the 'new' addition had a change of two sentences and cost a LOT more.