Monday, June 27, 2022

In the back yard are a couple of rocks

One bigger.  I used them for quite a while as my weights when I needed exercise.

After a bloody year and a half of health crap, I just used the bigger one again.

I've got a lot to recover.  Assuming I don't break before then.

Yes, I'm being careful about the knee, oh my yes.


Larry said...

Mind says 17, body says otherwise. Body will win that debate. In the same boat after a couple rounds with cancer: hills I buzzed up with a loaded pack three years ago are now a challenge bare. Gotta get ready for Elk season this fall!

Keep fighting, but remember to give your body time to recover. Injury is one step forward, three back.

Jeffery in Alabama said...

I can sympathize with you. I am six weeks post liver transplant. I've been battling failing health since early December 2021. I'm weak, but doing very well. The doctors say "it will just take time". I'm not complaining, but very thankful I have been given a second chance. Still, it is frustrating to be unable to do what I want I want, but physically cannot. I laid off posting on The Feral Irishman for months, but am slowly posting again. Hang in there. I plan too.