Friday, March 05, 2021

The short version: Wray is just as full of crap

as Comey, plays the same games, yet so far nobody's actually DONE anything about it.
The short version: Wray revealed nothing. When Grassley asked if there was a "homicide investigation," Wray said there was an "investigation." When Grassley asked if a cause of death had been found, Wray would not say, but made clear he would not tell the Senate in any event.
WHITEHOUSE: Are you going to do any better with the questions that we are getting right now? You have been asked questions for the record. Are they going to go into the same whatever-it-was hole where questions for the record go to die at the FBI?

Backtracking, Wray tried to explain that the FBI's answers have to go through an "elaborate interagency process" before they can be sent to Congress. Whitehouse asked Wray to cite whatever policy requires that process. "I can't cite you the reg or the rule," Wray said. Whitehouse complained that the FBI only answers questions when it sees a political advantage in doing so. Otherwise, "We have run this rigmarole with that interagency process in which we don't get answers."

I've said it before: there needs to be "You WILL answer these questions or there will be contempt charges.  And if you think you can't be marched out of that office by Marshalls, you're wrong."  And then do it.

Fat chance, right?


Sailorcurt said...

Yes, fat chance.

It's all political theater full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

As much as they try to pretend otherwise to dupe the masses, the fact is that, with a few notable exceptions, they're all on the same team...and they're playing against us.

markm said...

Sicknick's body has been cremated, so either the investigation was complete with no criminal charges indicated, or they destroyed evidence.