Monday, March 01, 2021

So why is this asshat so concerned with changing this bit of history?

It's not like this hasn't been known about for a long time, yet
A recent academic journal article by the professor — in which he described as “prostitutes” the Korean and other women forced to serve Japan’s troops — prompted an outcry in South Korea and among scholars in the United States.

And note this bullshit from the Times: ...traumas that the region’s conservative patriarchal cultures had long downplayed.
As I recall, Korea and China and others have raised hell about this bit of history more than once, yet they throw this in?  What the hell?


SSG Mac said...

Here's why:
Biden is (at minimum) weak. China is predatory. N. Korea is a Chinese sock puppet. The Comfort Women thing is a propagandistic casus belli being used by China (through N. Korea) to pressure Japan in the same way Sudetenland Germans were used against Czechoslovakia by Hitler in the run-up to WW2.
Note that Biden has just quit recognizing some of the southern Japanese islands as belonging to Japan. China (IMHO) is securing it's northern flank before going after Taiwan.

Rick said...

Because 'conservative' and 'patriarchal' are included in the word association game.

Because 'journalists' everywhere are more concerned with establishing themselves with the idiocracy than writing in the truth.