Monday, September 27, 2021

Among the reasons college is becoming more and more of a joke

is the attacks on free speech and thinking in the name of Woke.  Which includes "It doesn't matter what he did, he's black and leftist and that's what counts!"
In another incident, Porter emailed faculty to object when he found out a search for a new faculty member had identified Terrell Strayhorn, an African-American “social justice scholar,” as a finalist. In his previous position at Ohio State University, Strayhorn had been accused of using OSU employees to run his side business giving speeches across America, and had been charged with having inappropriate relationships with students.

“He was terminated from his center director position at OSU, forced to resign his tenured professor position, and paid OSU $29,000 as part of an agreement to leave the university,” Porter’s lawsuit notes.

However, Porter’s objection to Strayhorn being considered for a job at NC State angered some in his department, with one colleague writing to the department chair saying, “NOT COOL!!!! I am so mad about all of this I could scream!! I can’t stay silent about this. It’s maddening!”

From then on, Porter says there was a concerted effort by department head Penny Pasque to have him removed from positions of authority within the department.

This clown was screwing students and using them as unpaid employees(probably along the lines of "You are helping anti-racism!  Now get those messages sent!  And you, you need some counseling time."), and these assholes don't see that as a problem.  Hell, it's probably a plus to them because 'He was abused by the Man!"

Wonder how much Ohio State charges students so they can hire abusers as faculty?

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Robert Orians said...

OSU , OU , Kent State are all lgbt sewers and if your kid attends one of those they will be ruined for life . I spent much time working on broken equipment at all three and I wouldn't send my dog there .