Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Speaking of Democrat hacks with bylines, 60 Minutes is the demonstrator

of just how bad these bastards are.

Short version: the Gov. of Florida has not followed the Preferred Narrative™ on dealing with Wuhan, and succeeded, and they can't stand it, so they're trying to trash him any way they can.  Since he used the pharmacies at a bunch of stores to- successfully- get lots of people vaccinated, 60 Minutes tried to paint it as him paying off one chain for political donations.

And cut out all parts of the interview that disproved their PN™.  

Also proof that, if you're interviewed by hacks like these, record it.  They don't like it, tell them "I continue recording or no interview."  If you can prove them liars if they screw with it, they can't get away with it as much*.  Video of them trying to explain why you can't record it would probably be entertaining, too.

*The leftists will let them get away with it, no matter the proof.

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