Sunday, April 04, 2021

First, this was the first .357 Mag we'd had in about two months

And it didn't really impress people
700 fps.  And more than a bit expensive.  And it still sold out pretty quick.  People will grab anything in their particular cartridge right now.


Tsquared said...

I bet you can almost see that going downrange. I like 158gr target loads in the 900 to 1050 fps range.

Anonymous said...

Why bother? Thats not even an interesting 38 special load

Country Boy said...

Cowboy Action loads are always pretty light. No one wants the lead from a hot load to come back after hitting a steel target. From the rule book: "The maximum velocities are 1000 fps for revolvers and 1400 fps for rifles." There's always some hotshot that thinks he has to load right at the maximum, but they usually tone it down after a brief discussion with the range safety officer.

Elmo said...

What's "more than a bit expensive"?
Just curious. The last time I saw prices, .38 Special was going for from $100 to $120 for new/old stock 50 round boxes of Winchester and Remington. Amazing.

Firehand said...

Damn. I meant considering prices before this insanity, this stuff was $50/box.

Yeah, what ammo is going for right now is scary. Guy I know has a bunch of .308 and a L1A1 that he's taking to a big show this weekend, I'm wondering if he'll even get to the door with it.