Sunday, April 04, 2021

I'm wondering how the congregation can hear the sermon

over the clanging of his balls as he walks.

Turns out the gentleman is originally from Poland, so he's had to deal with Stalin wannabes before.

Also, here's the Calgary PD's defense of trying to help shut down an Easter service.  The circled part indicates a lot of folks are seriously tired of this "It is for your own good and Public Safety, comrade!" bullshit.

Next question: do they have the nerve to try to arrest him in particular, and the rest of the congregation, for telling them to piss off?  If they try, I doubt they'll like the result.



They will not arrest him in public. Or, probably, not even arrest him at all. But they will find ways to "get" him on one thing after another, death of a thousand paper cuts.

Firehand said...

I'm sure they're thinking about it. I'm hoping the reactoin they can figure on might keep them in line.



In general, few people will be in front of me in respecting the police. But this kind of stuff, "Just following orders", is going to put them into the enemy camp en masse.

The police need to remember that we outnumber them.

I don't want to go after them, I really don't. But their increasingly thug-like behavior is proving disgusting... and showing their true colors. I keep hoping and praying it's a minority of them.