Saturday, June 06, 2020

Words of warning for the rioters from Mas Ayoob,

if they've got brains enough to listen.  And to the protesters, because if they protect the rioters they're going to get sucked further in to this.
No, I’m not addressing demonstrators. There’s a difference, even if the mainstream media can’t bring itself to say so.  If you want to peacefully demonstrate, no problem. You know who you are. Some of you have already held back The Others, or tried to, and in at least one instance I know of have saved a cop who was cut off from his team-mates and surrounded by an angry mob of The Others.

I’m addressing The Others – the rioters, the looters, the destroyers. There are strong indications that Antifa is involved, though I can’t say they’re entirely responsible. But you heartfelt demonstrators are the ones they’ve made into cat’s paws and puppets with their instigation to violence, and if you go along with them you’re shaming yourselves and everything you’re trying to stand for.
When you start attacking homes – occupied dwellings – therules change. Arson of occupied dwellings is what the law calls a “heinous felony against the person,” and ordinary citizens are allowed to shoot you to stop you from doing it. You’ve gotten away with breaking into stores that were closed for the safety of their employees and customers, but if you try to do the same to people’s homes, that’s “violent and tumultuous entry of occupied dwellings.” It’s “home invasion.” And when you start doing that, the people who live there are authorized by the law to shoot you to death in defense of themselves and other innocent parties.
There's already been a case of the assholes setting a place on fire, with people inside, and then blocking the fire trucks.  I suspect the only reason there hasn't been a pile of bodies yet is they do this in places where it's hard for the commoners to have arms for self-defense.

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mark leigh said...

Some places the gun owners are turning out. To protect friends neighbors and community. Our attitude is the whitebread anti gun suburbs can burn or protect themselves. Not because we want them to burn but because the burned hand might learn that self defense is not just a right it is necessary. There are simply not enough police to protect everything.