Wednesday, June 03, 2020

About that range day,

the target posted was shot with .40-65, 300-grain RCBS bullets over 24.0 grains of A5744, with new brass that needed fireforming.  I'd shot some other loads at 200 and decided to see if these would shoot decently at that range.  I thought I'd have to adjust the sight for elevation, but first shot was in the bull, then the others clustered nicely around.  TO say I was happy would be understatement.

So, let's try some more on another target to see if it would repeat.  It did.
Again, first round in the bull.  With a bullet I didn't expect that much from at this range*, with new brass.

Hmmm.  I just looked, and it appears RCBS doesn't sell this mold anymore; they do have this one.  More lube grooves, looks intended for black powder.  I'll have to find some of them to try out.

With 56.0 black and the 400-grain bullet,
That high-left was the fouling shot.  The load needs tweaking.

The above was loaded(after reading about this from several people) with the case mouth leaving the first lube groove uncovered(target use only).  So I loaded five with the case mouth covering the groove
Fouling shot off to the left.  Now that looks interesting, in that I'm probably responsible for the vertical stringing.  This will be tried again.

Last, I had some .45-70 loaded with the Lee 500-grain bullet before my mold went south.  35.0 of Blackhorn 209, a .060 wad.  First shot was low, had to tweak the sights a bit, plus the wind was starting to gust some.
The three low were adjusters, the last four went in and right around the bull.  Lee gets some justified crap for some of their stuff, but they can make molds that throw good bullets.  I just wish they made them better.

*I wanted to try these bullets for fireforming brass and general shooting.  It working this well at 200 was great. 

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Anonymous said...

Great article, but PLEASE use correct spelling, so as to not look uneducated.
Bullets are cast/formed in a MOULD, not a "mold."

A "mold" is something that grows on stale food or dirty dishes.