Tuesday, June 02, 2020

LONG past time to deal with this crap.

Maybe it’s finally time to consider the role that police unions play in perpetuating police brutality. Mayor de Blasio has frequently tangled with his city’s powerful unions, but he’s never challenged their vast political power. And make no mistake, that power is often used to cover up and deflect charges of police misconduct. 

“The unions, at least in New York City, outright just protect, protect, protect the cops,” retired NYPD commander Corey Pegues wrote in his memoir, Once a Cop. “It’s a blanket system of covering up police officers.”
Just to pick one, Officer Roid Rage in Ohio: despite all he did being on video, he wound up getting the job back thanks to the bloody union.

And either hugely restrict qualified immunity, or get rid of it.

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