Friday, November 20, 2020

Scene from the range

The modern firearm deer season starts tomorrow.  And, sure as hell, lots of calls:
"Do you have any .30-30/.30-06/.308/6.5 Creedmore/6.5 Grendel?  Crap, the season starts tomorrow, any idea where I can find any?"
Throw in all the people who waited till today to zero or check zero on their rifle...


Terrapod said...

Aha! That explains why my backyard is full of deer this evening. Gun free zone in this township, deer are not as stupid as our legislators.

Firehand said...

Last year a friend of mine went to Wyoming with tags for elk and pronghorn.

There appeared to be no elk within ten miles(at least), but what did he see each morning? Mule deer within a couple of hundred hards or so of his tent, practically sticking their tongues out and saying "Can't shoot me, I can tell!"

millerized said...

My father was a gunsmith in PA, '72ish through late 80's. Those knocks on the door at 2-3AM, looking for ammo on the way TO the woods.
If I hadn't witnessed the stupidity at such an early age, I'd not have believed it.
When I started doing my stuff, I never expected to get calls for work and coatings like he got for ammo and sighting in.
But I did... One of the happier days in my life sending that package to 244 Needy Road.

Anonymous said...

who is number 6?

Firehand said...

Friday or Saturday?