Wednesday, November 18, 2020

One more Democrat loss in the House;

I don't know a lot on the subject, but you have to seriously fuck up for there to be TWO recommendations to be relieved of command, and actually relieved on the second. Wonder what Gordon did?


Sailorcurt said...

Hmmm. Black and Female. Affirmative action double whammy. I wonder if she's gay too...triple threat.

Generally speaking, with the political leadership in the Pentagon since the late '70's, all a black woman should have to do to make flag rank is keep breathing long enough.

To have been recommended to be relieved of duty twice and then actually relieved, she must be a COLOSSAL screw up.

There's a concept in the military where the culture is "move up or move out". You either get promoted regularly, or you are forced to get out.

The concept is "promoted to your level of incompetence". When a person reaches their natural plateau in the military, they perform well, they are happy where they are and they get good reviews...they are expected to keep pushing for advancement. So, often people are promoted one rank beyond their capabilities. At the higher rank, they don't perform so well, they aren't happy and they don't get good reviews, so they aren't promoted further and eventually get out or retire. The point is that the military pushes effective people into positions where they are not effective and then boots them. Not the most efficient methodology, but that's the way it works.

But that's with "most" people. Since the late '70's, the military leadership has been increasingly hell bent on demonstrating how "progressive" and "equal opportunity" the military is. First with Blacks, then Women, now with gays and "transgenders". When it comes to people from approved groups, they are not just promoted to the level of their incompetence, they may be promoted two or three levels beyond that.

Which easily explains how someone like this can end up in a position that they can screw up THAT badly.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder how the Tranny Force is going to do in the next war, doesn't it?