Friday, November 20, 2020

Ah, the Stasi of the People's Republic of MA,

you can always count on them to crap on that oath to 'uphold the Constitution'.  They've just announced they're not approving any firearms license requests 'because of the surge in Wuhan'.
When you're that kind of slimeball, any excuse will do.


Anonymous said...

Just goes to reinforce the idea that they shouldn't have any say in it. You should not need a license to exercise a right.

In an emergency, the police is not on your side.

Dave in PB said...

I saw this earlier... It's Nantucket Island off the southern coast of Cape Cod. They're weenies anyway. SO Sorry ... I meant progressive liberal douchebags. They're saying the people who take fingerprints for the FID or LTC license application are afraid of the CCP flu . Your GOD given rights as a US citizen should never require a license.