Tuesday, January 28, 2020

"If your cause is just, why lie?"

is how it's often put at GFZ; the apparent answer is 'because they can't help themselves'.

And now,
On Monday, after receiving messages of support and sympathy over the post, most of which were retweeted by the surgeon, Sakran deleted the post.

The anti-gun rights activist told The Baltimore Sun that he was advised by authorities to delete the post and to cease publicly talking about the alleged threat.
According to The Post Millennial, Fairfax County Police claims they never offered Mr. Sakran such advice, nor has the surgeon filed a police report over the alleged threat.

“The Post Millennial reached out to Fairfax County Police, the local law enforcement jurisdiction surrounding Fairfax Station—where Sakran’s home is located—and media relations officer Lieutenant Webb was able to confirm that Sakran did not file a police report, nor did the Fairfax Police advise him to delete the viral tweet,” the outlet reported Monday.

“That’s just not something we do,” Mr. Webb told The Post Millennial.
Can you say "One more fake death threat/hate crime"?

I knew you could.

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