Monday, January 27, 2020

I am not surprised

A police officer who used a taser to defend himself when being attacked with a machete should be punished for using his weapon, a lawyer has suggested. 

Sophie Khan has been slammed after saying she was surprised the Met Police had not started disciplinary proceedings against PC Stuart Outten, 28, after he used “excessive” force against 56-year-old Muhammad Rodwan.


thinkingman said...

As far as what has seemed to be SOP goes these days ( empirically, that is, where shooting barking dogs has become the norm, regardless of the size/age/vigor of the animal, as long as the brave boy in blue used the magic words in his narrative, "I feared for my life/safety.") I'd saym he showed exceptional restraint. Will likely be retrained to do better next time.

Anonymous said...

I cant help but think if regular citizens in the British Isles were even allowed the right of self-defense, let alone allowed the tools to do so, there might not have been such a problem with Pakistani rape gangs running loose.

Unknown said...

Except there are no citizens in the British Isles. They are subjects of the Crown. IOW, 'I own you and everything about you.'

I mean, they could just take their natural rights except that pesky citizen/subject divide.