Saturday, January 12, 2019

Scene from the range

From cleanup, in particular: five and a half five-gallon buckets of brass for the day.

For most of it 'busy' is understatement.

I suspect in part because the Usual Suspects are screaming to ban everything; that always causes a boost.

The numbers also include people who hadn't shot there before, and brand-new shooters.  Every one of whom left with that smile on their face.

A lot of people who come in, many regularly, would count as People of Colour to the racists, said idiots would crap their panties if they knew how many.  And the friends they bring to get started, male and female.  There's an older black lady who I've seen come in three times, each time with a different friend to introduce to shooting, for instance, and the number of Asian names in the store system would also induce gibbering fits in the bastards.  I wonder if said bastards truly have any idea how many of their supposed 'supporters'* they're pissing off with "You can't have such arms, you're not capable of being responsible with them!"?

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Jeffery in Alabama said...

Never forget megalomaniacs such as Feinstein, Schumer, Pelosi, and their ilk believe they are our overlords and they in their infinite wisdom believe they know what us best for us better than we ourselves know our own situations. For this fact alone THEY must be voted out of office. Years ago they were elected to represent people in their districts. Too many years of feeding at the trough and taking money from people who despise this nation has left them with an insatiable hunger for power and control.
Deo Vindice