Monday, November 18, 2019

The eye is improving

and vision improves as the gas level reduces, but the line is still there.  Which means when I look down to do something, it screws with seeing.  And, if anything, the wave is worse(smaller bubble in a bigger volume).

But it is improving.


Country Boy said...

Sorry to hear about the eye, somehow I missed the original post. I went through this a couple of years ago, my left retina detached about a week after cataract surgery. It was a drain, laser, and refill with 90% gas procedure. I spent the two weeks looking down working (I work from home and rearranged everything) and playing a game on my phone. You're right, it sucks. Sleeping face down only was also a real trip. On a positive note, I'd always had bad floaters. They'd almost completely block my vision. Now, the left eye is perfectly clear. It also cleared out the thicker fluid that can cause issues later. The diagnosis was that the thick fluid caused one of the floaters to nick the retina. Hang in there, it's aggravating, but it's better than wearing a patch.

Grog said...

That's good to read, let the healing progress work on its own, as aggravating as that is, don't want to end up with a permanent line, good thoughts to ya.

Anonymous said...

Hope you did not have a Macular hole in the eye. I did a number of years ago and lost much vision in that eye.

Firehand said...

That is the problem. He didn't promise perfect repair, but at least some improvement, and would keep it from getting worse.

God, I hope so.