Wednesday, May 15, 2019

This mess from the Houston cops just keeps getting worse

They lied to get the warrant, they've planted drugs in the past, and now this:
A recent forensic inspection of the house, commissioned by the couple's relatives, casts doubt on that account and reinforces the suspicion that at least some of the four officers who suffered bullet wounds were shot by their colleagues.
It is not clear that Tuttle knew the armed intruders, who were not wearing uniforms and did not announce themselves before storming into the house, were police officers. Nor is there any body camera footage of the raid that might shed light on that question.
Hey, if you were a dirty cop making a bullshit raid, would you want a camera on?

But there is physical evidence at the house, which seems inconsistent with the story told by the narcotics officers. Houston Chronicle reporters Keri Blakinger and St. John Barned-Smith say a forensics team that the Tuttle and Nicholas families hired, headed by Mike Maloney, a retired supervisory special agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, "found no indication that any of the guns Tuttle owned were fired toward the front of the house at incoming police."

While Maloney has not completed his analysis yet, "the initial bullet trajectories appear to be somewhat contradictory," Chuck Bourque, an attorney representing Nicholas' family, told the Chronicle. "We see no evidence that anybody inside the house was firing toward the door."
"Hey, we'll just charge in and shoot everyone."  Bloody hell.

Throw in this:
Houston Police Department spokesman Kese Smith told me he can't answer any questions about the ballistic evidence, or even explain why the revolver that Tuttle allegedly used was not listed on the search warrant inventory, until after HPD has completed its criminal and internal affairs investigations of the raid, which is also being investigated by the FBI and the Harris County District Attorney's Office. But Maloney's team found that police left behind a lot of potentially relevant evidence, including two teeth, a men's shirt with bullet holes and an evidence tag, a shotgun shell casing, and about a dozen .223- and .45-caliber bullets in the walls and floor, which apparently were fired by police.
What the HELL?  At best this is sloppy as hell, at most...

How many other people did these bastards set up?  How many lies, how many tainted warrants, how many people in cells who shouldn't be?

And the question a helluva lot of people are asking, why the hell didn't Houston PD do something about this before?


Anonymous said...

I wish I could share your seeming outrage. But this is the normal behavior of almost every police agency on the planet. I know you are or were a federal agent. So the outrage leaves me with misgivings. You were DHS. You have to know how common this is and always was in every state in the United States. It is not, and never was "a few bad apples". This is everywhere. The surprise to me is that the department didn't cover this up and destroy all evidence in the first week. Having grown up in Kentucky, and being part of both a "Cop" and military family. I KNOW just how crooked your average department, Agency, and court really are. I see no hope that that will ever change short of civil war. A solution that is as bad as the problem.

Firehand said...

Am not, never was, a federal agent, DHS or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Then I mistook you for someone else and I deeply apologize.

TCK said...

Traitor cops in leftie cities have openly sided with legit, for realsies domestic terrorists, and you're surprised they sometimes set people up?

Firehand said...

Jeez. I've been yelling(along with a lot of other people) about crap like this for years. Now somehow I'm a DHS agent and surprised that it happens.