Monday, May 13, 2019

Nervous? I don't doubt it, and he damn well out to be

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker admitted on Friday that he is “nervous” about DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s investigation into the conduct of the DOJ and the FBI during the Trump-Russia probe. 

Baker said he is “assuming that they will dig and find stuff” and that “we’ll try to sort it out and see what mistakes were made.” But Baker defended the FBI's actions, including its use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
'mistakes'.  No, when people deliberately lie under oath and all the other crap they did, it was not 'mistakes'.  They think their real mistake was getting caught.

Baker contended that he was “confident in the judgments that I made at the time based on the information that I had available to me.” But he left open the possibility that others may have engaged in wrongdoing, saying, “I’m sure they will find things that I didn’t know at the time and maybe that others didn’t know at the time.” [emphases added]
Translation: "Don't blame ME!"

This is likely to get real amusing as the various rats start turning on each other.

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